Aerospace Manufacturing


Wisconsin is a rapidly developing leader in the aviation and aerospace sector. Uniquely positioned to advance the global aerospace industry, the state offers aerospace manufacturers the infrastructure and talent necessary to reach the highest levels of production and operational excellence. For companies tackling the challenges of aviation or for companies looking to access the research and development in our aerospace sector, Wisconsin has solutions.


A national leader in manufacturing production with a supply chain ready-made for new and growing companies, Wisconsin is drawing attention from aerospace executives impressed by the state’s cutting-edge research and development in nanotechnology, engineering, power and control systems, and composite materials. More than 200 companies have ties to the state’s aerospace sector (companies identified through proprietary and public database sources and OEM qualified supplier lists, 2016). More than 24,000 Wisconsin residents are employed by companies that support the aerospace manufacturing sector (Infogroup, 2016).


Wisconsin is home to 17 engineering-related schools with training that spans from engineering certificates to Ph.D. degrees. Engineering and research programs in our statewide universities are providing solutions to industry challenges as diverse as advanced avionics, airframe materials, and system software. In 2014, Wisconsin’s colleges and universities awarded more than 4,000 academic degrees in engineering and engineering technology fields (national IPEDS database published by the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics). Additionally, Wisconsin ranks as a national leader in the employment of the highly skilled manufacturing personnel that the aerospace sector requires.


Fueling Wisconsin’s ascension as a leader in aviation and aerospace innovation is a strong foundation of industry research and manufacturing know-how.


Wisconsin’s annual EAA Airventure event brings in nearly 500,000 aviation enthusiasts from over 60 countries. This premier airshow showcases Wisconsin’s dedication to the aerospace industry and exposes visitors to the latest aviation innovations while creating a forum for discovery for industry participants.

AeroInnovate, formed in Wisconsin in 2007 by a small group of aerospace visionaries at the University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh, further distinguishes the state’s industry leadership. This program helps aero innovators around the world — from investors and entrepreneurs to researchers and academics — connect, share, and commercialize their ideas.

Wisconsin’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership Supply Chain Advantage program brings improvement services to enhance the performance of small and midsize suppliers to OEMs and military contractors.