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Site Assessment Grant Program

Site Assessment Grant Program

Community Assistance for Environmental Assessments

Wisconsin’s Site Assessment Grant (SAG) Program provides grant funds to approved projects to assist local governments with conducting initial environmental assessment and demolition activities on an eligible abandoned, idle or underutilized industrial or commercial site.

How It Works

Any city, village, town, county or redevelopment authority can apply for funds. An applicant that caused the contamination is ineligible.

Eligibility Requirements

The Viable Causer concern must be addressed in each project and means that it needs to be demonstrated that the party that caused the contamination is unknown, can’t be located, or does not have the resources to contribute to the environmental investigation of the soil and/or groundwater. The applicant must show that access to the property to conduct the environmental assessment activities has been approved.

One of the most important parts in the application is the project budget, including bids or estimates from an independent third party that demonstrate how the request for funding was derived. A breakout of the proposed site investigation and demolition activities supporting the figures entered in the project budget helps to derive a recommendation for potential participation.

Eligibility Activities

SAG funds can reimburse the following activities that were initiated after an award letter is issued for a project:

  • The investigation of environmental contamination on an eligible site or facility for the purpose of reducing or eliminating soil and or groundwater contamination.
  • The demolition of any structures or buildings located on an eligible site.
  • Asbestos abatement associated with demolition activities.
  • The removal of abandoned containers and the removal of underground hazardous storage tank systems.

Soft costs are not reimbursable by the SAG Program. Attorney fees, accountant costs and consultant billings to complete an application on behalf of a community are not reimbursable.

For more information about becoming eligible for the Site Assessment Grant Program, contact a Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) regional economic development director.